Animal Collective "Brothersport" Video

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New Track: The Besnard Lakes - Albatross

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Montreal band The Besnard Lakes will be releasing their third studio album Are the Roaring Night on March 9th on Jagjaguwar later this year. Until then, they have uploaded the albums first single Albatross, which will they be releasing on 12" sometime in February.

Mister Heavenly

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Not long after Islands' released their latest album Vapours, frontmen Nick Thorburn (Islands) and Honus Honus (Man Man) have teamed up for a new musical project which they have named Mister Heavenly. So far the duo have recorded two or three songs which they do not plan on releasing on an album. Instead, every song recorded will be given as a free download. Nick told Spinner last week, "We won't release a proper record necessarily. We're probably going to release all the tracks on the Internet at the same time, do something forward-thinking."

With all the different bands Thorburn has been part of, The Unicorns, Reefer, and Human Highway, we have no idea what this project will sound like but the duo are calling it Doom-Wop. Whatever it will sound like, we're excited to hear it.

Islands "No You Don't" Video

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Download Atlas Sound Bootleg

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Bradford Cox a.k.a. Atlas Sound has a bootleg floating across the internet of a show he did last year on New Years Eve at The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta, Georgia thanks to the people at Southern Shelter. You can either listen to the whole set online or download it on Southern Shelter's website here.

1. When I Get Home
2. The Screens
3. Coffin Trick
4. Criminals
5. My Halo
6. Walkabout
7. Sheila
8. Kid Klimax
9. Attic Lights
10. What Goes On

Listen To "Contra" Online

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Last September Vampire Weekend announced on their website that their second album Contra would be released on January 12th, 2010 on XL Recordings. I you can't wait until then the band has made it available for everyone to listen to in its entirety on their MySpace page until it hits stores next week.

1. Horchata
2. White Sky
3. Holiday
4. California English
5. Taxi Cab
6. Run
7. Cousins
8. Giving Up The Gun
9. Diplomat's Son
10. I Think Ur A Contra

Radiohead Back In The Studio

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Back in October guitarist Ed O'Brien told NME that Radiohead would be going back in the studio by winter to record their follow-up to 2007's In Rainbows. According to a post by Ed on the band's Dead Air Space blog he has kept his word and the band are now working on their eighth studio album.
The vibe in the camp is fantastic at present, and we head off into the studio in January to continue on from the work we started last Summer. I am so genuinely excited about what we're doing, but for obvious reasons I can't divulge anything more...anyway we all love surprises don't we? 10 years ago we were all collectively (that's the band) in the land of Kid A...and although hugely proud of that record, it wasn't a fun place to be...What's reassuring now, is that we are most definitely a different band, which should therefore mean that the music is different too and that is the aim of the game...keep it moving.
This album will again see producer Nigel Godrich, OK Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail to the Theif, and In Rainbows, work with the band for the sixth time.

Coldplay - "Strawberry Swing"

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Coldplay is back with their latest release, "Strawberry Swing." Staying true to their original sound, if you're a Coldplay fan you will not be disappointed. Not only is the single easy to listen to, but the video is quite remarkable as well. The effects must have taken much time and patience, but the hard work obviously paid off on Coldplay's latest masterpiece.

MCA Suffering From suffering Preaortic Gland and Lymph Node Cancer

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The Beastie Boys have updated their website with a video (above) letting us know of sad news. Adam Yauch, also known as MCA, revealed that he is suffering from cancer of the preaortic gland and lymph node. In the video MCA and bandmate Adam 'Ad-Rock' Horowitz talk about canceling their upcoming tour dates and pushing back the release of their long awaited eight studio album Hot Sauce Committee. He claims that he will have surgery next week (~July 27th) and later have radiation done in that localised area. The good news is that according to him, it's treatable.
It's a bit of a setback, it's a pain in the ass, but it's treatable, in most cases they're able to completely get rid of it, people don't have continuing problems with it… if they've caught it early. That's the good news.
The Beastie Boys were scheduled to headline the second night at the Montreal summer festival Osheaga, but due to this they are forced to cancel.

Beastie Boys Name New Album

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The Beastie Boys have given a name to their eighth studio album. The band decided to go with Hot Sauce Committee instead of with the working title Tadlock's Glasses. There is no word yet on when the album will be released, but some websites have reported a scheduled release of December 29, 2009 might be possible. This will be the band's first album with vocals since 2004's To the 5 Boroughs.

"It's a lot of vocals – very wordy," said Ad-Rock. "It's political, depending on what you call political. You know, if toilet talk and fart jokes are political, which they can be, in that sense yeah, very."

Below is a video of the Beastie Boys performing the classic So What'cha Want with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon on May 25th, 2009.